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  • Only hotels & hotel groups may become members of Haute Grandeur.
  • A notification to register have a limited registration period of 30 days after which it will expire and the shortlisted result will be removed from our system.
  • Hotels can participate in 3 up to a maximum of 5 categories.
  • A hotel should select the most suitable categories that best fits the hotel’s profile from a marketing perspective.
  • 10 High Resolution JPEG photographs should be submitted to accompany a successful registration.
  • A hotel may announce its participation and proceed with a marketing campaign from the day of registration.
  • Hotels may alter their own contact details, photos and hotel description via the membership platform.
  • Participants will prequalify to participate in the following year.
  • Hotels are advised to utilize marketing badges in order to maximize exposure which is received upon registration.
  • Participating properties will be visited on an ad hoc basis. Site visits will include a two night stay for two including airport transfers, meals, non-alcoholic beverages and two spa treatments.
  • Once results are announced winner/finalist badges should be implemented by the hotel to encourage awareness.
  • Provide additional information should a category be chosen where it is needed in a Word document to
  • Once registered a property may not cancel its registration and will be liable for settlement of the marketing invoice to promote the result as agreed upon registration.
  • Photographs and descriptions submitted as part of a registration will become the property of the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards. Refer to Terms & Conditions.
  • Guests, travel agents, hotel industry professionals, hotel staff and the general public may participate in the rating process
  • To encourage hotel guests to participate in the annual rating process, hotels may encourage their guests by giving away prizes when they participate in the rating process
  • Attendance of the Global Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony is not compulsory and recognition can be couriered to the hotel.
  • Nominator details would not be disclosed to the public due to security reasons.