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During the annual rating period, hotel guests, staff and industry experts are able to participate in the rating poll and provide a rating based on their overall experience of the particular hotel they rate. Throughout the year a participant hotel are able to encourage its guests to share their valuable opinion during this valuable timeframe to derive a %score for the hotel.

The criteria that are taken into consideration during the annual rating process take into consideration various factors of the hotel to derive a final score which determine the winning results. Guests and industry experts are allowed to submit their ratings and an average total % score is then derived. This score is then combined with a %score following the Haute Grandeur evaluation process which takes into consideration all aspects of a hotel, such as the hotels marketing efforts, feedback from TripAdvisor, website and online presence, social media, photos and facilities. Combined these average scores would determine the winning results. Size of a property is not taken into consideration as small and large sized hotels are able to participate in the Awards. The number of guests that participate in the Awards will not affect the final outcome however the average score derived from those who participated will be taken into account to ensure a fair rating system at all times.


Rooms, Dining, Service, Overall Hotel Facilities, Bar & Beverages, Price, Internet, Location, Ambiance, Design & Concept,  Wellness Area, Character and feel of a unique experience, online presence of a hotel on social media, website, Guest Reviews as well as photographs and additional information submitted during the entry phase.

The rating process is transparent. Winners and runners up on a country, continent and global basis will be determined by a combined score. The final result is based on the average rating derived from scores given by the industry, that would count 60% and a rating given by Haute Grandeur’s internal evaluation process which will weight a further 40%.  Ratings will be based on all areas of the hotel as listed above. The hotel with the highest combined score in a particular category wins on a country level and will automatically be considered for the continent and global levels.  Hotels will receive rating information once registered to encourage the public to participate in the rating process.

  • Guests will be able to rate official participating hotels online annually during the month of June
  • A combination of guest ratings and the Haute Grandeur evaluation score determine the winners and runners-up from each region.
  • Winners are selected on a country, continent and world-wide basis.
  • Country winners make up competition of international nominees.
  • Results are internally audited to check validity of each rating cast.
  • Site visits may be executed on an announced and unannounced basis allowing quality checks of invited properties that form part of the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards.
  • Winners will be announced at the annual Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony.
TIP to encourage hotel guests to rate your hotel: Hotels can encourage their guests to rate them annually by giving away prizes when they participate in the rating poll.
Example: When you rate you will automatically be entered into the hotel’s competition

Country Winner = Hotels who participate have a chance to win an Award in its region and for the categories selected.

Continent Winner = Country winners will automatically participate on a continent basis. Hotels with the highest average % score will win on a continent level. Winners are determined from the combined guest rating %score and the Haute Grandeur evaluation score.

World Awards Winner = Continent Award winners will participate on a global scale, hotels with the highest % average score that was derived from combined % rating score and Haute Grandeur evaluation score will win the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award in the particular category.


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