Naisoso Island Resort



Nominations for luxury hotels or groups are open throughout the year to the public or hotels may self nominate via the website. Each nomination is strictly

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Evaluation Process

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards shortlisted hotels & resorts represent properties that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process. Once a property

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Only invited hotels may register to participate in the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards initiative. Upon registration a hotel is required to select the

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Marketing Tools

Upon registration a marketing pack will be provided to assist in maximizing exposure. Find below a list of marketing tools: Shortlisted Badge

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Rating Process

During the annual rating period hotel guests and industry experts allocate a rating further to their general experience of the nominated hotel. The hotel

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Awards Ceremony

2018 Official Host Venue : Palazzo Versace Dubai Website: Hotel's video: Date:

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After a nomination has been received a property would be evaluated. If successful the hotel would receive the an invitation from the Haute Grandeur Global

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