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Grand Hyatt Opens in Rio de Janeiro

by Haute Grandeur, 08 April 2016

Looking out upon the sands of the Barra da Tijuca and the blue span of the ocean from a post of luxurious comfort sounds like the ultimate plan for any dream tropical vacation. The Grand Hyatt Rio de Janeiro provides exactly that comfort, with its 436 guestrooms kited out for any

The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa, Iraq joins elite list of Haute Grandeur hotels!

by Haute Grandeur, 01 April 2016

The Korek Mountain Resort & Spa is the first resort of its kind in Kurdistan and Iraq, located on top of Korek Mountain at the altitude of 2000 meters, near the city of Rawanduz. The guest rooms, 132 residential villas in total, are equipped with luxury furniture and offer the