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Raffles Spa at Raffles Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia

The magnificence and beauty of the lotus is admired by cultures across the world. Elegantly delicate at first glance, the flower’s daily transformation is an inspiring symbol of revitalization and natural strength.

It begins as a bud of pure vitality beneath the water’s surface. At sunrise, it breaks through into the fresh air, radiant in full bloom, then retires once more to the calm stillness of the water when night falls.

It is this regenerative rise and retreat following the natural rhythm of the day that influences our vision for a Raffles Spa.

We believe that a balance between exertion and relaxation is the key to achieving a feeling of inner tranquility and rejuvenation.

Raffles Spa Journeys are a considered mix between traditional and local methods, each ready to be expertly personalized to ensure that your sensory escape is everything you hoped for and more.

Our thoughtful and knowledgeable therapists will guide you on a journey to rediscover mental, physical and spiritual harmony, leaving you feeling enlivened and transformed.

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