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Evaluation Process

Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards shortlisted Spas represent properties that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process. Once a property is nominated the evaluation process commence whereby various online platforms are used to gather detailed guest feedback from guests that have experienced the spa service, its facilities and other aspects. A score is then derived based on all customer feedback considering all complaints and appraisals.

The platforms used to compile guest feedback include amongst others: TripAdvisor, Facebook,,, Expedia, Agoda, Google+,, Spachatter,, AsiaRooms and more.

The following factors are taken into consideration during the evaluation process (size or star rating is not taken into consideration):

  • Spa Treatment Rooms
  • Food at the Spa (If the Spa have a spa menu)
  • Service
  • Overall Spa Facilities
  • Price
  • Internet
  • Location
  • Ambiance
  • Grounds
  • Wellness Area
  • Efficiency
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental participation

Only Spas that receive a significant high score are invited to review our information and become a member of Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards.

Why do is the evaluation process important?

Our mission is to positively influence travelers’ decisions and Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards know that customers digest and leverage lots of opinions to make good choices. We use the main feedback platforms to gather trusted reviews directly from customers. The Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards is the we are able to offer an Awards concept that only allow the absolute best quality Spas to be considered to win a Haute Grandeur Global Spa Award.

Once successful after our strict evaluation process a potential guest can be assured of an exquisite and rewarding experience when visiting the Spa.

Spas who make it through the evaluation process are contacted in writing and requested to register (providing the hotel’s contact details, sharing photographs and details to be further used to encourage awareness) and give their official consent for the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards to consider the property in the selected categories.