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Marketing Advantages

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  • Being part of Haute Grandeur Global Spa AwardsTM gives a spa the opportunity & resources to increase sales on a truly global scale;
  • Giving staff/teams the recognition they deserve;
  • Haute Grandeur Global Spa AwardsTM provide travellers with a platform to link with the Spa directly, increasing potential bookings and providing a new stream of customers. There are no referral charges;
  • Full Page annual Global Hotel Guide Feature including full color images, contact details and a detailed description on the property;
  • Winners are able to meet with the local travel industry and lifestyle media (TV, online & print) during the annual event at the host location;
  • The cocktail reception & official red-carpet Awards Gala Ceremony creates an opportunity for hoteliers to meet with local companies who sell high end luxury travel locally giving an opportunity to tap into a new niche market;
  • The Haute Grandeur Global Spa AwardsTM promote participants in unique locations across the globe ensuring that additional marketing benefits reach the Spa;
  • Participating Spas can use the Haute Grandeur Global Spa AwardsTM feedback form to ensure that they keep abreast of changing client requests and responses;
  • A dedicated website page featuring the hotel’s photos, description, contact details and accollades, thus boosting online presence adding to revenue;
  • The hotel receives a unique client profile making it possible to manage its own information complete with history on results and press related matters;
  • Ad hoc feature in promotional video presentations;
  • Winning the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards provides extra credibility, encourage awareness & increase bookings;
  • Feature in the Haute Grandeur, Best in Hotels Magazine in the form of advertisements, interviews and write-ups throughout the membership year;
  • The Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards show participant hotels how they can improve based on customer feedback and increase their market share;
  • Member Spas share in Marketing Tools in order to assist with promoting their member status;
  • A Member Spa receive membership login details to a unique dashboard for the Spa to update its details visible to the public at any point in time. The system stores the records of the Spa for many years and information can be referred to or again dowloaded in the future if the hotel require history on previous accolades, categories won etc. The membership profile dashboard offer the Spa the convenience and piece of mind that Marketing Tools can be downloaded at any point in time without contacting Haute Grandeur as the Spa have access to all marketing collateral in one place and the marketing team can download press releases/upload press releases and maintain the Spa’s profile online without any hassle.