Riva Surya Bangkok

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  • No cancellations will be accepted once registrations/renewals have been successfully submitted/actioned in order to keep the season’s credibility in place.
  • The company will be held liable for payment of the once-off membership fee as well as any legal costs resulting from failure to pay within the given timeframe as accepted upon registration, unless a specific arrangement has been set in place to acquire additional time to make payment.
  • By submitting the administration form OR by confirming that you wish to auto-renew in writing or via telephone (this will be accepted as formal agreement from the property) the company agrees to officially participate and will not be able to cancel afterwards. It is very important to decide to proceed and if in doubt not to submit the formal registration form or auto-renewal request if the property is not 100 sure they wish to proceed.
  • Once an instruction reach Haute Grandeur that auto-renewal should take place or once registration forms are submitted no cancellations are possible due to the external supplier agreements that involves charges and the ripple effect that can be caused in such instance where a property cannot proceed.
  • The only cancellation requests that are possible is in the case where a property close down its business completely, this will then require formal evidence or in the case of a liquidation.
  • Membership fees are not refundable as this is 100% used towards covering the global exposure. Fees are not seen as ‘entry fees’ but cover an extensive list of benefits that involve external suppliers.