Naisoso Island Resort

Awards Back


After a nomination has been received a property would be evaluated. If successful the Spa would receive the an invitation from the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards team to proceed with registration. The invitation to register would be valid for a 30 day period.

Once an official participant the hotel would form part of the annual rating. The rating period for the public is open for 8 weeks whereby it would close and winners will be notified by an Awards Adviser of their success, the level or details of the Award is not revealed at this time.

An official invitation will reach successful participants shortly there after with details on the event date and location complete with booking details in order to make the necessary preparations to attend well in advance.(Attendance is not compulsory, recognition can be couriered to the hotel.)

Awards results will be presented at the Haute Grandeur Global Spa Awards Gala Ceremony on stage with international media covering the event. Results will be posted to the website shortly after the Gala Ceremony Announcement date.