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The Healing Village Spa

Bali, Indonesia

The Healing Village Spa at Jimbaran Bay explores the two inextricably intertwined philosophies of Balinese culture: Sekala (the seen or physical world) and Niskala (the unseen or energetic world). Together, they illustrate the Balinese belief in the connection between the outer and inner worlds; the experiential and the meditative; the body and soul.

With the emphasis on the flow from Sekala to Niskala (the seen to the unseen), The Healing Village Spa at Jimbaran Bay focuses on healing the physical body to facilitate exploration of the inner self.
The spa highlights ancient rituals, locally grown ingredients and an authentic, educative approach. The spa also demonstrates the Balinese integration of the physical and spiritual worlds and the importance of an all-encompassing view.

Inspired by its beachside garden setting atop the Resort’s seven ‘villages’, the Healing Village Spa draws on Balinese traditions and nature’s bounty to nourish and heal the physical body, revealing a harmonious path to inner change. Grounding treatments, nature-inspired therapies, and ritualistic vibrancy pay homage to Bali’s colourful culture and evoke a sense of warmth and connectedness.

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