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What truly define your luxury hotel from others?

by Haute Grandeur, 02 November 2015

With all the similarities in the hotel business today, hoteliers find themselves having a limited means of differentiating their offerings and proving to guests that they are truly offering a unique and unsurpassed experience that can not be found “next door”. This is where Awards come in.

In this instance an award is something that can truly differentiate one property or one group from another.

When an international body, with the correct backing and credibility, places their seal on a particular property or group it allows for a victor to emerge and provides the winning property with something unique that no one in the vicinity has.

Of course there are different factors to keep in mind.

The award should always be of benefit and this equal exclusivity. A lot of awards around today are much diluted with far too many winners all over the world.

When the awarding brand is diluted the award carries no real weight as numerous other properties will carry the same award.

Excellence equals exclusivity and for any Award to be of true value to a hotelier it should prove to have a direct impact on guest perception thus Awarding excellence means recognising exclusivity and this is what luxury travellers are taking into consideration today when making their travel decisions.

When travelling to a city and a traveller is considering a few luxury hotels all situated in the same area more or less with the same rates, what are they really looking at when making their final decision when booking a hotel? Ask yourself this question and you will soon learn why winning a credible exclusive Award with a concept that is transparent is of utmost importance because be honest, it is and will continue to have an impact on guest perception!


Transparency of an Awards concept and how the Award is not only promoted by the hotel but also the efforts that are put in by the Awards organization is of utmost importance. There is no point in winning an Award if nobody knows about it and therefore promotion of results via multiple marketing platforms from the side of the Awards organization is key. Haute Grandeur is proud to promote its members globallyat the lowest possible participation cost in order to provide maximum benefit to our winners.