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Unveiling new levels of excellence within the global hotel industry

by Haute Grandeur, 02 April 2015


From Mexico to Australia, Dubai to Hong Kong the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM have gone to great lengths to bring the world’s hotel industry together as all hotels have one thing in common, well-travelled spoilt guests. After many decades of catering to an ever demanding industry hotels have now realized the importance of unsurpassed excellence. The average hotel offerings aren’t good enough, in tough times hotels that see challenges as growth opportunities are the ones that excel. Raising levels of excellence to unprecedented new heights is the common answer to gaining new business.
Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM has been constituted to promote a solid foundation for budget, luxury and premium hotel brands to excel by means of recognition.

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM is dedicated to support and encourage excellence amongst hotels worldwide whilst aiming to strengthen the market share of those outstanding hotels that are committed to offer their guests a “wow” experience. The Awards facilitate networking and foster collaboration between hoteliers with a vision to inspire and improve the hotel industry.

From service to soft furnishings the Awards aim to encourage hotels to raise the level of their existing offerings, to identify their weaknesses and focus on those elements of their business that they feel they can improve.

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM facilitate networking and encourage awareness about staff recognition and overall excellence in a highly competitive industry that constantly need to adapt to the needs of their discerned guests. By means of annual events taking place in various locations amongst 7 continents, the Awards provide the ideal platform for industry leaders to excel and raise awareness of the importance of constant perfection that is the minimum requirement of their spoilt clients.

It is the belief of the association’s founders that hotels need to strengthen their market share by tby constantly raising the bar of overall excellence. The global hotel sector will benefit from this type of competitive behaviour and continue to aspire to greater heights which will encourage travellers to spend more if they are offered value for money.

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM defines and recognises hotels and establishments who set the gold standard for Global Hotels & Spas worldwide.

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM aim to support the growth of small privately owned hotels to well established hotel brands and thus encourage all accommodations to stay competitive in terms of their offerings.