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Hulhule Island Hotel, Maldives Culinary Team is a force to reckon with

by Haute Grandeur, 30 October 2015

That Maldives is a holiday destination par-excellence is a well-established fact! Its beauty is aptly complimented with the luxurious accommodation on offer, genuine & contemporary service standards nation-wide and delectable cuisine across the board!

Talking about the Cuisine – one of the more complex and most attention-seeking attributes from the above-stated aspects, Maldives with its 1190-island archipelago is quite a challenging terrain to deliver the standards that it delivers, considering the facts that logistically it requires a considerable amount of planning and organising!

Cuisine, being an inseparable part of a great holiday, creating world-class, innovative, varying food for discerning guests whose average length of stay overall in Maldives is not so short, does require each of the Chefs here to raise the standards each time they order the produce from around the globe up to a stage where the created dish carefully gets plated!

Chefs and their teams’ gastronomic skills get tested in Maldives at the Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives (FHAM) International Culinary Challenge. Chefs have an added domain not only to display their skills and creations but also share the same with one-another.Hulhule Island Hotel’s (HIH) Culinary Team has been a force to reckon with over the past decade as HIH Culinary Team has been the winner of ‘Best Culinary Establishment’ 5 times in the past apart from being the recipient of varied individualistic accolades. HIH team participated in the FHAM International Culinary Challenge with a lot of vigour, enthusiasm and grit to leave an indelible mark on this platform too.

HIH team, once again managed to win ‘The Most Outstanding Culinary Organisation’ Award apart from 7 Gold Medals, 9 Silvers and 12 Bronze Medals in various categories which comprised of competitions amongst individuals as well as teams efforts.

Like in any successful and ever improving organization, HIH Culinary Team’s resolve to perform to scale any summit has been an integral effort from the entire team. General Manager – Mr. Utkarsh Faujdar’s confidence in his team’s performance in every sphere, his guidance and motivation to participate in the competition acts like an all-important ignition point for the Culinary Team. In his words: “We were happy to note that our Culinary Team has managed to retain their standing in such a competitive scenario”, he further added, “we welcome our kitchen brigade’s participation in FHAM International Culinary Challenge and the Team returning with a treasure trove of trophies, medals and accolades is not only heartening to note but also a testimony to the fact that we are travelling in the right direction in contributing towards overall Maldivian Hospitality Industry and it’s Tourism.”