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Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Ndia- Telrovan, Morocco

Revitalize yourself during a luxury retreat at Sofitel Tamuda Bay Beach and Spa, where the easygoing Moroccan lifestyle meets inspirational French artistry in an oasis of well-being. Nestled between the Rif Mountains and the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, this luxurious resort invites you to relish the perfect blend of art and nature.
An intriguing play of contrasts permeates the resort from the relaxing So Spa to the lively So Beach Lounge, from the balmy Moroccan sunshine in the summer months to warm winter soaks in the irresistible hot tub of your Spa Villa, and from the minimalist white interiors to the whimsical splashes of color provided by Fauvist paintings. Between the sparkling waters of the sea and the gentle melody of the stream, you tap into the never-ending flow of energy along the water’s edge.

|T| 212 539 71 6200
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