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Reethi Faru Resort

Filaidhoo, Maldives

Reethi Faru Resort is a four-star plus bio-luxury resort situated on a private island of Raa Atoll. This stunning tropical island makes it a perfect paradise not only for its picturesque lagoon, beaches and natural beauty but also for its impressive green initiatives, sustainability and pro-active conservation programs. The resort consists of 150 villas and has 370 staff members residing within the island.

The Reethi Faru Resort Team is highly devoted in reducing their carbon footprint and the negative impact on the marine and terrestrial environment by engaging in various eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Even though the resort is less than two years old, it has achieved to implement several sustainability projects throughout the island within this short period of time committing to operate the resort in a greener, cleaner way. From installing solar panels, to producing biogas and using wastewater for irrigation, the resort has proved that creating fully sustainable islands in Maldives is achievable with hard work.

|T| 960 400 4000
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