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Boscolo Budapest Hotel

Budapest, Hungary

In the heart of the fascinating capital of Hungary, the five star luxury hotel, Boscolo Budapest is located on the Grand Boulevard on the Pest side. The New York Palace is one of the most symbolic and compelling buildings of the Grand Boulevard of Budapest. Originally, it was built by the New York Insurance Company and opened on the 23rd October 1894. The Palace also features “The Most Beautiful Café in the World”, the historical New York Café that became the center of Budapest’s vibrant artistic and cultural life in the early 1900’s. The majestic building was built in eclectic style relying on Italian renaissance and baroque; its lavishly furnished interiors were designed in the spirit of historical eclecticism. Everything is made of marble, bronze, silk and velvet. The ceiling was decorated with marvelous panel paintings. After initially sizing up of the project, in February 2001 the Italian Boscolo Group undertook the reconstruction of the legendary building and decided to open the Café together with the renewed Palace.

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