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High evaluation scores recently seen in Asia and Australia

by Haute Grandeur, 23 July 2015

Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards nominees represent properties that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process by our Awards Committee. If a hotel have been successfully evaluated after receiving a nomination and accept its invitation to participate a potential guest can be assured of an exquisite and rewarding experience when visiting the property.

Recently several Australian and Asian hotels where up for consideration further to nominations received by travellers, properties that not only boast high end facilities but also offer outstanding service experiences. Significant high scores where seen as a number of aspects where taken into consideration during the evaluation process. With the collaboration of Trustyou we are proud to be able to take into account all complaints and appraisals posted by guests online that have stayed at these hotels. We are able to derive not only an evaluation score to consider a property to be rewarded, but also see how hotels are able to improve their existing service offering. The great news is we can now share our findings with participant hotels of the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards. Breaking the traditional Awards history of voting and judging systems that derive winners, a much more transparent rating system is now in place that erase any option of unfair competition. In the past voting systems where the number of votes where counted to derive winners where ineffective, as larger properties always had the advantage over smaller sized properties. Judging panels consisting of a specific number of individuals also had to opportunity to fail as no specific number of experts are able to realistically judge hotels located amongst 172 countries as a few individuals have their unique opinions which might differ from the perception of the larger luxury travel market. Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards address all these issues and provide a solution where winners are able to see their exact results and learn how they are able to even further improve their current guest offerings with the help of a unique guest rating system that are reliant on quality ratings other than number of votes or personal opinions of a set panel of judges. We are exciting to share with you our final winner results in 2016 so please continue to nominate your favourite hotels around the world so they are able to be considered for a Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award.