General information

  • Guests will be able to rate official participating hotels online annually during the month of June
  • A combination of guest ratings and the Haute Grandeur evaluation score determine the winners and runners-up from each region.
  • Winners are selected on a country, continent and world-wide basis.
  • Country winners make up competition of international nominees.
  • Results are internally audited to check validity of each rating cast.
  • Site visits may be executed on an announced and unannounced basis allowing quality checks of invited properties that form part of the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards.
  • Winners will be announced at the annual Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Awards Gala Ceremony.
TIP to encourage hotel guests to rate your hotel: Hotels can encourage their guests to rate them annually by giving away prizes when they participate in the rating poll.
Example: When you rate you will automatically be entered into the hotel’s competition

Country Winner = Hotels who participate have a chance to win an Award in its region and for the categories selected.

Continent Winner = Country winners will automatically participate on a continent basis. Hotels with the highest average % score will win on a continent level. Winners are determined from the combined guest rating %score and the Haute Grandeur evaluation score.

World Awards Winner = Continent Award winners will participate on a global scale, hotels with the highest % average score that was derived from combined % rating score and Haute Grandeur evaluation score will win the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel Award in the particular category.